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Buddha CEO Program

22nd & 23rd April 2017

Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru

A Two-day spiritual-residential program designed for Distinguished CEOs to transform themselves to be “ Buddha-CEOs ” .. in the serene environs of
Pyramid Valley International, near Bengaluru.

The Buddha CEO Program .. jointly organized by Pyramid Valley International, Quantum Life University, Vijay Foundation and Thriive .. is designed to help in the creation of Enlightened Buddha-CEOs.

“ Creating Enlightened CEOs ”

In today's organically connected world, organizations touch many aspects of the lives of their employees, the extended families and the larger society.

If the organizations touch lives of their employees in a spirituo-sympathetic and responsible manner, great would be the organizational strength and improvement in the productivity.

The idea of “Corporate Social Responsibility” or “CSR” is commonly known to everyone. However for the idea of “CSR” to be implemented successfully, it is imperative that the organizations conduct themselves in a spirituo-sympathetic and spirituo-responsible manner and this can happen only when the CEOs themselves become humane and spiritual. The need of the hour is to create spirituo-scientific Enlightened CEOs.

Within any organization, a CEO has enormous power. It is essential that power should go hand in hand with an understanding of cosmic responsibility. Understanding how to manage power spiritually and responsibly for the good of all the members of the organization and their respective extended families .. and the whole wide world .. is what differentiates an “Enlightened Buddha-CEO” from a CEO who is exactly not that.

Enlightened Buddha-CEOs will be able to take the idea of “CSR” to a much greater level. They will begin to fulfill what can best be described as “Corporate Spirituo-Social Responsibility” or “CSSR”.

Every CEO has to take a quantum spiritual leap and assume additional responsibility .. by using all the available resources in a proper manner for a revolution named “CSSR”!

CEOs have access to and are in control of vast resources in terms of men, materials and money. However, having the resources is not enough. The disorder and chaos in the world today are a result of such resources being under-used / wrongly-used by those who lack the universal spiritual wisdom to use them in a properly sympathetic and empathy-full manner.

Only an “Enlightened Buddha-CEO” has the required wisdom to make the best possible use of all the resources in a manner that brings maximum and wholesome benefits to the organization, in particular, and to the whole world in general.


Target Participants & Desired Outcomes

CEOs of Companies .. Business Leaders ..
Heads of Organizations involved in Social Work .. Heads of NGOs ..
Heads of Government Organizations and Departments,
and all others who are in similar positions.

This Two-day Workshop will help YOU to:


➣ Develop a more mindful, broader and holistic perspective to change the way YOU lead YOUR Organization.

➣ Gain cross-dimensional understanding that will motivate YOU into inspired ever-altruistic actions.

➣ Empower YOU with the spiritual confidence, spiritual service mind-set and a general spirituo-scientific attitude required to be successful in whatever new creative tasks YOU aspire to take up.

➣ Create the conditions for YOU to sustain a meaningful and purposeful personal life-journey.

➣ Activating a Quantum Growth Mindset:  learn to trust - consciously - that new talents can always be developed - that we always have the ability to learn, expand & improve and achieve more / better performance - greater harmonious in-house collaboration.

Topics (Study Subjects)

The WORKSHOP features the following key topics that will help you to unlock your vast potential:

Power of Intent: Intent is a powerful FORCE that allows an act of creation to take place. You will learn how to look at INTENT as a field of energy that you can access to create what you wish to create in your life.

Act of Creation: Every human being has an innate drive to create experience. Creativity serves you and the world. You will learn how to reconnect with your creative potential and maximize creativity.

Collective Consciousness: Abundance is not just about finances. It is a state of quantum leap in the understanding of the TOTALITY OF MIND .. concerning all aspects of life .. health, relationships, joy and more.

Abundance Consciousness ” is an unshakable belief in prosperity that actually allows you to attract more prosperity in your life.

Realistic View of Wealth: The common world-view of wealth, obviously, is very self-oriented and individualistic. However, you will come to have a realistic view of wealth, which shows that wealth is not an absolute end in itself but a means to achieve larger goals that uniformly benefit the whole world.

Purpose of Life: Many of us feel trapped within a life that is unfulfilling. This happens when we are off sync with our true cosmic soul-purpose of life. Through the WORKSHOP, you will learn how to find clear meaning and direction in current physical life, and this will help you to pursue your true spiritual purpose of life with greater keenness, more enthusiasm and more dedication.

Activating a Quantum Growth Mindset : New and untapped talents can always be developed, and we always have the ability to learn, expand, improve and achieve more / better performance and greater general capacity for innovation.

Remembering Who We Are: At the center of our being we are PURE Love, Great Abundance and Tremendous Joy. However, we have forgotten this. You will learn how to remember Who You Are and regain the PURE Love, Great Abundance and Tremendous Joy.

Friendship Science: “ FRIENDSHIP ” is the most essential ingredient for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You will learn how FRIENDSHIP improves the well-being and neighborhood harmony in your life.

Collective Consciousness: This is an invisible Wisdom-Field where all gathered knowledge is available. You will learn how to tap into collective consciousness in order to expand your field of knowledge and wisdom and live in holistic harmony.

Power of Sharing: Children who share go on to lead more successful lives than those who don't. The more you share, the more you get. You will learn how sharing can increase success in your life.

Compassionate Leadership: Although there are many great leaders, only very few of them are considered as “ visionary ”. The primary quality of a “ Visionary Leader ” is a very high degree of spiritual openness to ever-new and 360° information. You will learn what it takes to become a spirituo-scientific Visionary Leader.


Brahmarshi Patriji

Brahmarshi Patriji:

Patriji is the founder of the “Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM)”, one of the foremost New Age movements spread across the world with thousands of centers to teach anapanasati meditation and spiritual science. He became enlightened in the Year 1979 after some very serious experiments with meditation.

PSSM has promoted establishment of over ten thousand pyramids throughout India. Patriji has authored over sixty books and conducted thousands of workshops on Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and New Age Spiritual Science.

Patriji has been honored with a Life-Time Achievement Award at WARDHA, during the Year 2006, for promoting Holistic Health, by Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Newton Kondaveti, M.D.

He founded “Life Research Academy” in the Year 2000. He travels all over the world teaching meditation, conducting self-discovery and self-empowerment workshops, training Past Life Regression Therapists and spreading the message of Vegetarianism.

His workshops on Past Life Regression .. Relationships .. Self Healing, Self Mastery .. Breath Mastery .. Abundance .. Prosperity Consciousness .. Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work are much sought after all over the world.

He has traveled to over 70 countries along with his wife Dr. Lakshmi. He is the Founder President of the “Association for Regression And Reincarnation Research” and till date he has organized many Past Life Regression Conventions through out India.

Dr. B.K Chandra Shekhar

Dr. B. K. Chandra Shekhar:

Dr. BK Chandra Shekhar, MA (Eco), M Sc (Yoga), M Sc (Psycho Neurobics), PG Dip (Yoga), P G Diploma (Indian Positive Psychology), PG Dip (MDPN), Ph.D ( Alternative Medicine), Ph.D (Vedic Yoga)

Awards & Achievements:
• Guinness World record holder and Asia Book of Records Holder in Education & Marathon category.
• India Book of Records for inventing Mind testing Machine & 3D Healing Album
• Winner of “ Sunrise Peace Mission Award – 2008 ” of Nagpur for his contribution in public health service through “ Psycho Neurobics & Raj yoga ”
• He prepared the curriculum of three years degree course and two years post graduation course on “Psycho Neurobics” besides certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses on Memory Development & Psycho Neurobics.

His life is a living example of surviving two major life threatening diseases of cancer and hepatitis-c by application of Mind Power. He invented the New Science of Healing known as SIGFA HEALING THROUGH PSYCHO NEUROBICS.


1st Day: 10.30 am to late night

• General Introductions
• Starter Ananapasati Meditation
• Introduction to Spiritual Science
• Friendship Science and Karuna Science
• Power of Intent
• Art and Science of Creativity
• Abundance Consciousness
• Realistic View of Wealth
• Purpose of Life
• Quantum Growth Mindset
• Questions & Answers
• Evening:
      - Cultural Programs
      - Night Walk to "Tapasthali”
      - Special Spiritual Movie Video

2nd Day: 9am to 6pm

• Starter Anapanasati Meditation
• Spiritual Science
• Remembering Who We Are
• Collective Consciousness
• Power of Sharing
• Spiritual Leadership
• “Spiritual Reality” Video
• Introduction to the world of Spiritual Scientists/ Masters
• Introducing Spirituo-Scientific Books
• Q & A
• Thanks Giving, Feed-Back from participants.

*      *      *

• All sessions contain presentations, practical exercises, experiential processes and interactive sessions.
• This is a Two-day residential program. Program includes Two nights stay starting from 21st Evening.
We recommend you to check-in by 21st Evening.

Suggested Program donation:

Rs. 20,000/- per participant (or) A Corporate can nominate their Sr.Management team and make a Sponsorship Donation.

For Registrations :

M: +91 9900 813813
E: info@pyraminds.co



Pyramid Valley International, home for the World's Largest Meditational Pyramid, is nestled amidst hills and water bodies, near Bengaluru. It is an International Meditation Center with vibrant energies and its conference center is a perfect place for this esteemed program.

Pyramid Valley’s beautiful serene campus offers excellent opportunities to relax, meditate, go on treks, or just spend some time by the lake. It offers safe, clean and comfortable living accommodation and nutritious Indian vegetarian food. It is simple yet comfortable lodging, a perfect complement to your campus experience.


For all deligates, standard rooms will be provided which are simple with necessary furniture and attached toilets.

Venue address:
Pyramid Valley International, Kebbedoddi Village,
Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru – 562112

To Book a Taxi
Call : Balaji Tours & Travels
B.V.Srinivas : +91 8050771881, +91 9845365245

A Few Participants who have already Confirmed

• Varun Daga, Mumbai: CEO Girik Capital
• Rishi Baid, Delhi: Managing Director, Poly Medicure Ltd
• Sudhir Shah, Hyderabad: Managing Director, Scoops Ice Creams; Secretary, IICMA
• Shailendra Jain, Raipur: Managing Director, RITEE Group of Institutions

Organizing Board

• Shreans Daga, Mumbai: Managing Director, Betul Oils and Flours Ltd
• Dr. B. R. Pai, Mysuru: Chairman and Managing Director, VWF Industries Pvt., Ltd; Managing Trustee, Vijay Foundation
• Chandra Pulamarasetti, Bengaluru: Trustee, Pyramid Valley International


Pyramid Valley International

Quantum Life University


Vijay Foundation